Importance Of Hygiene In Makeup

Makeup can help you to enhance your facial features, helps you to cover and hide your imperfection and makeup gives a flawless skin. But, the same thing can ruin your skin and your goodwill if hygiene is not maintained.  Courses for makeup artists are taught about proper sanitation and hygiene as part of their curriculum for personal and professional growth. So You Know the Importance Of Hygiene In Makeup. Let’s have a look. 

You can categorize Hygiene into two categories: Personal Hygiene & Makeup And Equipment Hygiene 

Why Personal Hygiene Is Important

Good personal hygiene is vital because it helps prevent you and your clients from getting or spreading germs and infectious diseases. There are some tips for maintaining Hygiene In Makeup.

Bath regularly at least twice a day to maintain good hygiene.

Always use deodorants and perfume 

Brush your teeth regularly twice a day

Avoid strong smelly food like garlic and onion before you start your work.

Avoid long nails as they can harm your client. Short and well-groomed nails are always in fashion.

Apply light and nude nail colors and avoid applying loud nail colors.

You can have mints, cloves, or elaichi after having your meals to maintain good oral hygiene.

How Can We Maintain The Hygiene Of Makeup As A Makeup Artist

Maintaining a clean and sanitized makeup kit is one of the prerequisites of owning makeup products and tools. As a makeup artist, you should ensure that your entire range of makeup products is sanitized and disinfected from time to time. Check our list of makeup kit hygiene tips to keep your makeup kit clean and sanitized.

  • Wash or sanitize your hands before and after treating every client. 
  • Although makeup brushes are great use disposable wands for mascara and lip color application.
  • Clean your brushes between every client, or else brushes can be highly allergic to the skin.
  • Clean and sanitize your makeup tools and equipment in front of your clients.
  • Set your products in a good manner according to requirements for the makeup look and disinfectant of all your products in front of your client.
  • Products have an expiry date for a reason, never use a product that has crossed an expiration date. It can be highly allergic to your skin.
  • Double dipping is not allowed, use a spatula and palette to take out the product from the container. Do not use a brush or your finger.
  • Every step is important in makeup application, but you can’t ignore cleanliness and sanitation. Developing the thumb rules of maintaining cleanliness and sanitation will help you to build goodwill in front of your client. 

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