Makeup Trends That Will Rule 2023

This new moment in makeup is a time of ease, though it won’t be completely effortless. Spring runways give off the trends that are going to be big for the season. This year, imagine a luminescent skin-like light finish but just as effective; skin will shine brighter without the added sparkle that comes with over-the-top glitter. Scroll on to find out the biggest makeup trends that will be all over the beauty world in 2023.

1. Underpainting:

Harsh lines and patchy makeup is out of our vocabularies, this blog onwards. Celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips recently shared the contour technique she uses on Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. Instead of applying contour on top of her foundation products, she likes to apply them underneath.  Whether it & blush, contour, brightening concealer or even bronzer, apply them under the base layer. The result is an illusion that all that color and dimension is coming from within your skin. The simple step to follow is to reverse your makeup steps and see for yourself, a perfectly seamless look.

2. Minimalistic approach to complexion products:

Fresh face and skin-like textures are going to be seen everywhere. We recommend you to trade your heavy consistency foundations for light coverage skin tints, tinted SPFs and feather-weight tinted moisturisers. 2023 is the year to give your skin a breather.

3. Vinyl lips:

Sure, we love a clean girl aesthetic from time to time. But high shine, mirror-like lips have a separate fan base. A soft (shiny) corner in our heart, if you will! Now, vinyl lips have garnered attention from makeup artists and beauty influencers around the globe. It gets its name from the high-shine lacquer finish these products lend the lips and remind us of shiny vinyl material. We, for one, can’t see ourselves getting enough of this trend that has set its seat into the beauty world since 2022.

4. Iridescent, maximalist’s glow:

This one’s seriously vogue! The minimal skin- like feel with a glowy, iridescent shine. The adjectives that will be in focus are high-wattage, holographic, watery seamless !t’s your time to shine bright like a diamond in the words of Rihanna!

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