Mastering the Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

In times of unpredictability, which exists in our lives in some form or the other in the roller coaster that life is, we can have one assured, constant thing to regain control over life (no matter how insignificant it feels in front of life’s bigger uncertainties). We’re talking about a skincare routine!

If you are an amateur at skincare, especially with all the products that have saturated the beauty market in this day and age, look no further! The truth is, a skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

Mastering the Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

For beginners, start with a basic three-step routine—cleanse, moisturize, and apply sunscreen. Of course, this can be modified, and products can be added depending on your skincare needs and skin types. No matter the additions, the core three steps remain as the foundation of a successful skincare routine.

For example, if you have an oily skin type, your skin would start getting shiny only after 2-3 hours of applying makeup. You may have a sensitive skin type if you tend to have red and/or inflamed patches frequently even after little to no aggravation from your side.

Now that you must’ve figured out your skin type, here’s your no-nonsense step by step routine guide.

1. Cleansing

Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Cleansing will remove this surface build-up and allow a clean palette for other skincare products that follow thereafter. Additionally, It is the best way to prep your skin for other skincare products. Congested pores can not only cause breakouts but also prevent the absorption of other skincare products.

Not just this, Cleansing helps manage pH levels of the skin; enabling sufficient water and product retention. P.S. Avoid makeup wipes until absolutely necessary. It’s the perfect recipe for irritated skin.

2. Moisturising

Your skin needs moisture to replenish the water it loses throughout the day. Moisturizers with ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid can provide your skin with the healthy hydration it needs to stay supple and youthful. Even if you have oily or combination skin, it’s still important to moisturize.

In fact, a lack of moisture can drive your skin to produce more oil in order to compensate for it, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts (and we certainly don’t want that, do we?). So, if you’re wondering how to get that glossy, dewy skin, never ever skip your moisturiser. Keep your skin hydrated, outside as well from the inside.

3. Sun Protection

A broad spectrum sunscreen protects us from sun damage, reduces our risk of skin cancer, prevents the early onset of wrinkles and works immediately upon application. It’s the best kept beauty secret that’s not really a secret. Many of us already know we need SPF when we’re happily tanning on the beachside, But if you want to keep your skin looking glowing and feeling healthy in the long run, you NEED to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, without fail. A sunscreen suitable for your skin will protect it against sunburn, unwanted inflammation & redness and unasked for blotchy skin & hyperpigmentation.

Did you know, scientific studies have found that sunlight induces DNA damage and can trigger skin carcinogenesis and photo-aging? Now you know that one product to never even think of leaving out! Another friendly reminder; do not forget your décolletage area. Slide your palms just a bit more towards the south when applying your SPF because you don’t want to end up with a wrinkly neck & chest 20 years down the line.

Don’t get discouraged or call quits on your skincare routine if your skin doesn’t change overnight. For the most noticeable results, stick to your routine for at least 6 weeks. This is the minimum amount of time it takes for your skin to complete the cycle of renewing itself with new skin cells. Once this cycle is complete, you can begin to see the impact of the products you’ve been using.

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