Habits to follow now, to miss the regretting phase in your 40s

Here are 4 Habits to follow now

Mindful action

First things first! Give your energy to only those situations and people (strictly) who appreciate your input and existence. Nothing drains you quicker than passive aggressiveness, and it’s the thumb rule: drained inside, drained outside. Even the most elaborate of skincare routines will be rendered useless if you don’t have that dopamine flowing in you. Watch what you consume mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Make a skincare routine

Effective products> Expensive products. Learn about your skin type, and use and put into your routine those products that work in unison to your skin type. Consult a dermatologist to know about your skin type because using products that are in feud with what your skin wants, can do more harm than good. Plan a basic CTM or an elaborate 6-step routine, whatever you want to, just stick to it. P.S. Wear that SPF before heading out!

Don’t forget your décolletage

Your neck and neckline are just as exposed to the dust, dirt, and sun as your face. Never skip anything you would put on your face, on your décolletage. Because this area is often exposed to the sun, it’s prone to skin cancer and early signs of aging. So don’t stop at your neckline and give your neck and chest as much love as you give to your face.

Last but not least

We know it’s hard to keep up but try to sleep with your body facing up, towards the ceiling, and not sideways. This prevents your night time routine from staying intact and thus helps your skin to reap the fruit out of those expensive products to its last drop. This also helps with acne if you’re prone to it. Another step one should add to their sleeping schedules is wearing a silk sleeping mask on their eyes. This helps you have a sound sleep, thus increasing your collagen production.

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