Pantry Ingredients Your Favourite Celebrities Swear By

Do you also swoon over Lady Gaga’s bare faced selfies and Priyanka Chopra’s long, curly tresses? So do we! Oftentimes, one may wonder how these celebrities garner that confidence when they know they are under the public eye and critics 24/7. We’ll leave you thinking on this topic while we send
across to your screen, the most precious list of ingredients that your favourite actors hold their confidence in.

1. Priyanka Chopra’s pillowy soft lips

Our beloved PC is no stranger to homemade DIY masks and recipes. For her pouty lips, which many of us will agree make her stand out, she likes to mix salt and a 100% pure vegetable glycerine in desired quantities. She likes to scrub it well for a minute or two, and wash it off. This not just makes your lips plump and hydrated, but the exfoliating properties in salt rubs off any dead skin cells off your lips

2. Alia Bhatt Kapoor’s radiant skin

The ever-so-glowing actor’s skin is not all genetics. To maintain the genetic beauty, Alia Bhatt likes to use all natural products right from her pantry and believes in the concept of Less is more. She likes to use simple yet powerful ingredients like neem and multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth). Neem juice when mixed with rose water becomes your everyday toner, neem leaves when boiled and then mixed with your favourite oil becomes the most power packed drink that your hair will quaff in minutes.

Brownie tip: Boil a handful of fresh neem leaves in water, and then swipe the infused water on your face with a cotton pad. This works as a DIY toner and helps bring blackheads and whiteheads out from within the skin as you sleep, while also treating congested pores, making the neem oil benefits for acne worth trying.

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3. Jessica Alba’s moisturised skin

The secret behind Jessica Alba’s smooth and supple skin is a body scrub made with ingredients one can easily find in their kitchen. Mix together Olive oil (or any other oil of your choice), vanilla and raw cane sugar. We all are well aware of the hydrating properties of olive oil.

That when blended with the exfoliating benefits of raw cane sugar and the gourmand fragrance of vanilla will leave your skin feeling fresh, fragrant and supple all day long. When applied on your thigh dimples, this scrub is believed to reduce the effect of cellulite visually.

4. The Kapoor Sisters’ love for experimenting

Karisma and Kareena Kapoor have oftentimes been seen twinning on face masks and skin routines together and both of them believe in following classic age old home remedies and opting for kitchen ingredients to achieve that natural radiance. While Kareena Kapoor loves a good honey massage for her face during weekends, Karisma swears by the hydrating concoction of almond oil and yogurt for her dry skin. The sisters have also been spotted with matching matcha masks on Instagram. Since its rich in antioxidant EGCG (a type of catechin), it is proven to have anti- inflammatory properties.

It’s rich in Vitamin E and has caffeine content that visibly reduces puffiness on your face and god knows
your eye bags need it.

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